Three ways to promote your local business

Small businesses that operate within the same city or even district often doubt whether they need social networks. Like, Facebook is big, and we are small, catching our audience there is like fishing in the sea with a ladle. Theoretically possible, but in fact expensive, troublesome, and why?

Meanwhile, social networks provide local businesses with at least three great tools:

  • geo targeting;

  • communities where people gather on a territorial basis;

  • affiliate marketing.

So put the ladle aside and start targeting.

Geo Targeting

Social networks allow you to select an audience by location. It is enough to mark your location and coverage radius on the map. People who are in this territory can show your business page or individual posts, you can target advertising campaigns to them.

Task: to tell about yourself to everyone who lives / works / often is near you and can use your services.

How to arrange it

Create an audience for the Places category. In the settings, there is no way to outline the geographical boundaries of districts or neighborhoods, you can accurately specify only a city or territory with a radius of 1 to 80 km from the city or center.

Choose the second option: set your location as the center (you can enter an address in the settings or mark the desired point with a pin) and choose the distance you are going to cover.

You can also choose who exactly interests you: people who live in the specified territory, those who are on it at the moment or were recently.

In the settings for the “Places” category, you can specify your location and the radius of the territory that you plan to cover

You can go the other way: specify the city and exclude from it areas that do not suit you.

Don’t limit yourself to territorial customization. Provide an accurate description of your target audience. The ad account offers several parameters at once. Include people who meet your criteria.

Describe the interests and behavior of your target audience, use the tips in the drop-down window

And exclude those who are not included in your target audience. The more accurately you segment your audience, the less money will be wasted on promotion.

Exclude from the audience the display of people whose age, behavior and interests do not suit you. The same tips in the drop-down window will help

Instagram promotion works on the same principles as Facebook. And you can manage them from the same ad account.

How to make targeted advertising more effective

Use in your creatives photos of surroundings and recognizable places.

Write the name of the district in large size: “Do you live in Pechersk? Come to us for a manicure! “,” Do you work next to the “Olympic”? Train near the office. ”

Important. Don’t try to narrow your audience too narrowly in your ad copy. You can easily miss.

Social media settings may not work as accurately as you expect. So it’s best not to include too specific data in your creatives. As in the text of this ad, where the targeting specialist states: “We know that your house is located next to the RC Triumph”, although the ad is seen by residents of all Pechersk

Territorial Communities

Various groups in which residents of the same city or region gather – this is just a treasure, a chest with leads. They are usually quite crowded and have good communication. People ask each other for advice, give each other recommendations. And what is important, they trust these recommendations, because a neighbor will not lie to a neighbor.

Objective: to integrate into the communication of the community, “become familiar”, create a feeling of trust and become a “drug of choice” in the eyes of the audience.

How to arrange it

Find active communities that suit you geographically. It is easy to do this by searching for the area name.

Groups in which residents of a particular area gather can be found in the search by the name of the area or residential complex

Join the discussion and set topics for discussion yourself. But communicate not from a business perspective, but as an ordinary person, a resident of the area and a member of the community. So you will be accepted as your own, and not as someone who came with advertising.

Keep track of “Do you recommend…” questions that relate to your product or service. Suggest yourself in the comments and thank you if someone else recommends you.

Asking neighbors for recommendations is a good opportunity to both show your expertise and directly offer a service

You could even offer a small thank you bonus to customers who have recommended you in the community. They’ll be more willing to do it next time.

Agree with a community admin on your own category and regularly post helpful posts on your business topic. But they are useful, not selling, especially if the group is not from the “Buy and Sell” series.

Territorial interest groups are an even greater treasure, especially if your target audience is going there. Groups like “Mamochki Pechersk” or “Cyclists of Obolon” can also be found in the search by the name of the area.

Not so long ago, Telegram added the ability to find communities that are nearby. In the side menu, select the “Contacts” tab, go to the “Find people nearby” section and you will see a list of local chats that have provided Telegram with their geodata.

A new feature in Telegram helps you find and communicate with people and communities near you

Important: go to communities with your target audience, and not where your colleagues communicate. It’s nice, of course, to indicate your expertise in a professional get-together. But it will be much more effective to answer a specific question from a specific person who lives near you and may come to you tomorrow with an order.

Affiliate Marketing

If a person is served by you, because he lives or works nearby, most likely, he uses the services of other local companies. There are sure to be shops, fitness rooms, beauty salons, repair shops, clinics and other infrastructure near you. Many of these companies also run social media. So why not cross-pollinate and share with your audience?

Objective: to mutually multiply the audience through joint activities.

How to arrange it

Publish guest posts in communities or on each other’s pages, advertise or simply tag each other in posts with a positive attitude.

Arrange partner promotions like “Have you bought from us? Here’s a discount for a purchase from our partners. ” It is not even necessary to come up with news feeds for such promotions. If you simply say: “Here, we agreed with a friendly business to please all the neighbors and give you a discount,” people will be even more pleasant. Warmer, or something, it will turn out.

Important. The purpose of joint promotions is not to sell immediately to new customers, but to inform people who are nearby, but do not know about you yet. There are many more than you think, even if your sign appears to be bright and visible.

How else you can use the page in social networks

Chat room

Maintain communication with existing and potential customers, answer questions and encourage them to ask new ones, talk about new offers, work out possible negativity, discuss local news that is close to your audience, and in every possible way foster a sense of community and good neighborliness.

Feedback Hub

Encourage visitors and customers to share their experiences. By this “dress” you will be greeted by the audience, which you will gather by the methods described above.

Internet business card

If there is no website, on the page you can place the work schedule, prices for basic services, menus and other important things that potential customers want to know about you.

So, even a small local company can catch its audience in big Facebook. The main thing is to know who you are catching and to focus your attention correctly.

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