Systematic development of a personal brand of a specialist in social networks

I have an Instagram account where I talk about SMM tools – how to write catchy headlines, calculate client LTV and other subtleties.

Why a personal brand?

4 years ago, I realized that I no longer want to be an employee. My experience in marketing allowed me to be engaged in consulting, and I started working on creating my own agency. This is how Weberg was born. The first clients came to me through word of mouth – we knew each other from the days of my work in large companies and participation in business incubators.

However, the circle of these people is rather narrow, and at some point it became clear that they would run out. This was the start of my work on my personal brand.

Personal branding is a marketing tool that allows you to achieve both personal and business goals, especially on social media.

First of all, working on a personal brand is a project at the intersection of SMM and PR.

If you sell products or services, a personal brand can be a great springboard because:

  • On social media, buyers are more likely to trust and buy from a group of people or one person whose values ​​they share and whom they sympathize with. The effect of personal acquaintance and trust cannot be achieved by hiding behind the company’s brand.

  • You get an asset that can become your competitive advantage and which cannot be copied in any way.

In addition, if you are hiring people or are an employee, a personal brand can help you be more effective at it:

For example, when I am looking for employees in an agency, 40% of resumes come to Direct after viewing stories:

My own arguments for building a personal brand are as follows:

1. This is an opportunity for broader networking, not limited to personal acquaintances. Potential clients and partners can find you on social media.

2. This is an opportunity to share knowledge and experience. When you give your audience useful knowledge for free, you benefit them. If your business has a mission other than making money, it will be easier for you to convey it to your audience through your personal brand.

3. This is an opportunity to get to know you and become an authority in absentia. When a client comes to you for a service or product, he will already trust you. You don’t have to spend a lot of time proving professionalism. You can go straight to work.

4. This is an opportunity to generate warm and hot leads for your business. My personal example is this: some of the products I sell do not require additional advertising. So the offline course on SMM training, which I conducted in October and November, gathered 3 streams of participants without investing in advertising. Now 30% of the group for January 2020 is also completed.

Where to start working on a personal brand? I suggest starting by answering this question.

Do I need a personal brand?

Determine if you are ready to share your expertise, experience and possibly fragments of your personal life with the audience. The pros of a personal brand are described above, but there are a number of downsides:

  • You are not ready to talk to people about yourself and your experience, since you are a rather private person.

  • You are experiencing an “impostor complex”, it seems to you that you are not well versed in the subject to teach someone.

  • You are not ready to waste time creating interesting content for your audience, organizing photo sessions for yourself. It is very difficult to build a personal brand without good visuals.

Second stage of work: define the purpose and style of your blog .

What will you write about? What kind of audience do you want to be?

Let me remind you that a blog for creating a personal brand can be of the following types:

For example, a charming blog about the life of a family traveling in the Net.Sna trailer. The guys moved to Australia from Russia with their 2-year-old son and a Labrador. Every day they talk in great detail about the nuances of life in Australia. For example, in front of subscribers, they prepare for driving exams or talk about the difficulties of obtaining car insurance. In addition, they show many views of the ocean and mountains, a child playing with a dog, local food. This perfect combo of exoticism, overcoming difficulties and mi-missed photos gives the feeling of a TV series that we can watch every day.

  • Thematic / expert blog.

For example, the blog of the sex education teacher Yulia Yaromolenko. Here the topics that are usually taboo in the dialogue between children and parents are revealed in great detail. Julia’s posts are published about once a week, but Stories – every day. They have a lot of questions from subscribers with very adequate comments from Julia. Highlights highlight the hottest topics for subscribers, so blog navigation is super convenient. Even if you write to Julia in Direct, she will answer. It gives a sense of involvement, as if the person is very close.

In this case, there is an excellent case for monetizing a personal brand: in August, Yulia published a book “Malechі about Intimny Speeches”, which was sold out on pre-order before the start of sales in the store. And this is 5,000 copies.

  • Blog of a famous person.

For example, in 2019 the most popular people on Instagram are Cristiano Ronaldo and Ariana Grande. If we are talking about stars of this level, then the heading, quality of photographs and texts are not so important. Followers are involved simply because they love these celebrities.

So, you have decided on the type of blog. Understand:

  • What qualities do you want to highlight, how can you do it?

  • What part of your personal life can be of interest to the audience, and can it influence your image well?

Dose personal information, even if you run a lifestyle blog.

Among bloggers there are adherents of demonstrating every breakfast and dinner. But it’s not a fact that your audience is interested in it.

Texts, visuals and resources spent on them

Everything here will depend on two things: your taste and the taste of your audience. And also if you know how to write texts and create visual content yourself.

In any case, it is better to use professional photos for an expert blog. It is advisable to do photo sessions at least once a month, having thought over the content plan in advance.

If you can write yourself, great. If not, it’s better to hire a copywriter who will definitely convey your messages.

For my blog, I write myself, and I order photo sessions from professionals. It costs me $ 100-300 per month to create content, not counting the time spent writing posts.

I usually do 1 photo session per month. 2 hours with a photographer is enough for me to shoot content a month in advance.

I shoot separately for stories, every day. Stories have a more personal character, here I talk about my hobbies, personal life, leisure.

For 1.5 years, I have gathered an audience of 13.5 thousand subscribers. This is not very much by Instagram standards, but I am not Kylie Jenner either 🙂 My audience is marketers, business owners, people who want to master SMM.

It should be noted that work on a personal brand is systematic and long.

It is impossible to post a couple of photos and count on the result.

By the way, there are many courses that teach building a personal brand in a month or two. I think this is quackery. During this time, you can learn the tools, but not in any way root trust in yourself in the minds of subscribers.

For the first 3-6-10 months, probe the audience – write on different topics and in a different style. Create different types of visuals. Analyze what your subscribers like: perhaps these are information-style texts, or maybe a strange creative. Understand who your audience is. Her age, gender, preferences.

Invest an advertising budget in promoting your blog and target ads to your audience. Your blogging costs won’t pay off at first, and that’s okay.

In my case, the first clients from the blog came to us after six months of active work. Two years later, the blog became a source bringing in 5 to 15 clients a month on a regular basis.

Attracting traffic sources to your account

If no one sees your content, you will not become effective. You can use multiple promotion sources from this list, or cover all of them at once:

  • Targeted ads.

  • Advertising from bloggers or colleagues with similar topics.

  • Word of mouth.

  • Performances at specialized events, with the announcement of your profile.

  • Participation in marathons.

  • Barter PR.

For my blog, I chose the options for targeted advertising, word of mouth and participation in events. I launch advertising for reach on my own, using about $ 200 of the budget per month. This is how I attract new subscribers to my blog.

Word of mouth works “on its own”, because I give a lot of useful content, and subscribers share their account with friends. I participate in events as an invited speaker or collect thematic events myself, usually once every 1-2 months.

What does the audience include?

Content that works best is useful. Recipes – if you have a food blog. Combining Tips – If you’re a stylist. Typically, serving in the form of a list works best when everything is presented short and succinctly.

In my case, audiences include checklists and lists. We see audience engagement by the number of post saves.



Sometimes the number of saves exceeds the number of likes

The most important thing is not to quit your blog work, having reached the desired audience size. Or vice versa, seeing that for a while your efforts are not converting.

Absolutely all the efforts spent on building a personal brand are justified.

I wish everyone to see this as soon as possible

The knowledge that you get on the course “Internet Marketing Specialist” will allow you to easily and independently develop a comprehensive strategy for the development of a web resource. Learn to create a convenient site structure, find potential customers on social networks. You will be able to launch an advertising campaign and evaluate its productivity.


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