SMM case: a big New Year’s drawing of prizes in the social networks of the Internet provider Network Lanet

Type of service: social media promotion.

Project: Lanet Network.

About the project: Lanet Network is a well-known Ukrainian Internet provider. The company offers its users comprehensive services for connecting and setting up Internet and television online, as well as a wide range of related services.

FB page: fb.com/lanetua.

Duration Giveaway : from 11 to 27 December 2019

Main goal: growth of subscribers by at least 15,000 people.

Work strategy:

  • Prize fund creation.

  • Development of the mechanics of the competition.

  • Define the target audience for targeting.

  • Preparing post creatives.

  • Publishing and promoting posts.

  • Determination of winners and distribution of prizes.

Contest results: the growth of unique subscribers was 18.9k.

Stages of work

The eve of the New Year is a traditional, but therefore no less suitable news feed for increasing activity on social networks. So our client Lanet Network decided to hold a New Year’s drawing in order to stimulate regular subscribers and attract new ones. As people before the New Year’s holidays tune in to the positive and open up to something new, we tried to launch not just an ordinary competition, but to make it an element of the holiday, so that everyone can feel a little Santa. Therefore, a charitable component was included in the mechanics of the New Year’s competition – for each like and repost 1 UAH. went to the account of the Tabletchki charitable foundation.

The conditions of the drawing were extremely simple

  • Like the Lanet FB page.

  • Like the contest publication and repost it on your page.

  • Write your desired prize or New Year wish in the comments.

By participating in both stages of the competition, the subscriber’s chances of winning doubled.

Valuable prizes were chosen for the prize fund that could interest various segments of the target audience, namely: game consoles, TVs, months of free services from the company.

Bright, eye-catching creatives with a simple and clear message were prepared for the posts.

As part of the advertising campaign on the like page, we have identified the 5 most effective segments of the target audience. For each of them, we have specially developed and tested sets of creatives, 5-10 ads for each segment. In total, we got almost 50 ads within the framework of this advertising campaign.

Media plan

The media plan at the time of the creation of the mechanics of the competition provided for two stages:

Stage 1:

  • Reach: 300,000.

  • Number of likes: 7,000.

  • Number of comments: 3,000-5,000.

  • Number of shares: 7,000.

Stage 2:

  • Coverage: 400,000.

  • Number of likes: 11,000.

  • Number of comments: 9,000.

  • Number of shares: 8000.

For the PR of the competition, we chose cross-posting on Facebook and Instagram pages of Lanet’s internal projects, notifying users through the client’s internal channels, as well as paid advertising on Facebook.

Already in the first hour after the launch of the competition, the first competitive publication received more than 1,000 likes and the same number of comments with New Year’s wishes and reposts. And those were just organic metrics!

Stage 1 indicators:

  • Subscribers growth: 9.1k (4.34%).

  • Publication coverage: 580.8k (193.63%).

  • Number of interactions: 16k (229.10%).

  • Number of comments: 8.9k (178.00%).

  • Number of shares: 8.6k (123.30%).

To maintain the keen interest of the participants from stage to stage, posts about the prizes to be won were periodically published.

Stage 2 indicators:

  • Subscribers growth: 9.7k (4.45%).

  • Publication coverage: 472.55k (118.14%).

  • Number of interactions: 15.5k (141.25%).

  • Number of comments: 9.7k (107.78%).

  • Number of shares: 8.8k (110.80%).

Results of the competition

  • The number of page subscribers increased by 18.9k (8.98%).

  • Total audience growth relative to the media plan: 126.36%.

  • Total coverage of competitive publications:

  • Total number of interactions with contest publications: 31.5k (175.42%).

  • Total number of comments under competitive publications: 18.6k (132.86%).

  • Total number of reposts of competitive publications: 17.5 k (116.63%).

The graph clearly shows the growth of subscribers on the Lanet Network page for the entire period of the competition.

The media plan was not only successfully completed, but overfulfilled on all points by more than 100%, and UAH 48,060 was collected for the Tabletchki charity fund.

The prizes were raffled live so that each participant could follow the process, and photos of the winners were later posted on the page where the competition was held.

Conclusions :

  • The holiday season, when people are in high spirits, is good for large advertising campaigns.

  • The simple mechanics of the contest, proven over the years, allow you to get high coverage of posts and user activity even without paid promotion.

  • The charitable component gives the participant a sense of their own worth and improves their mood, creating a sense of celebration.

  • Cross-posting to other pubs of similar topics and PR through internal channels (social networks, website, personal account, platforms for direct brand communication with the client) allowed attracting participants to the competition, and new subscribers to the page for free.

  • Acute targeting of the target audience provides high coverage of posts with paid promotion and low cost per click.

  • Good prizes that appeal to different segments of the target audience allow you to generate proper interest in the competition from regular and new subscribers.

  • A transparent lottery system ensures trust and further loyalty of users to the company.

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