Пример переписки с представителем Facebook. Каждой проблеме присваивают свой ID, чтобы вы могли уточнять детали или отслеживать ход решения проблемы

My account was banned by Facebook: why this is happening and what to do

In addition to the blocked advertising account, Facebook began to restrict the rights of administrators to work with publications on business pages.

A content manager or other person with administrator rights may one day lose access to creating new posts and distributing content. Blocking can often affect a profile, a group, and a page.

If earlier the rules for publishing content on a social network were more or less clear, now they have become vague, and even experienced users cannot always immediately understand why they were banned. There are several ways out of this situation. We will talk about them further on the example of cases, and also try to remember what is better not to do so as not to lose our projects on Facebook.

What happened to my Facebook profile?

Back in February, I was first banned by Facebook. The same problem overtook my fellow SMM specialists a couple of weeks later. In fact, Facebook blocked the ability to work with the pages of the companies with which the specialist worked – the posts were simply not published. The system also banned distribution of content by groups. In practice, everything looks like this:

Запланированный пост не публикуется на бизнес-странице

The planned post is not published on the business page

In addition, the post cannot be created in real time.

Частота публикаций превышена или может казаться спамом. Система предлагает  попробовать позже или обжаловать решение

Posting frequency is exceeded or may appear to be spam. The system suggests trying later or appealing the decision

What to do when your Facebook profile gets banned?

First, submit a complaint on the Facebook form. It can be found at the link that the system will give you, or you can find it here. By following the step-by-step instructions, you can write a letter and ask for support from a specialist. At the same time, I recommend filing a complaint in this section if you know what kind of content could be the reason for the imposition of sanctions on your account.

Then we head to the business support section. There are already ready-made answers and solutions to the most popular user problems.

Выбрав пункт, с которым у вас возникли проблемы, можно попробовать решить вопрос быстрее

Having selected the item with which you have problems, you can try to resolve the issue faster

If there are no answers among the suggested options in the support center to solve your problem, write to the chat.

Если в центре поддержки среди предложенных вариантов нет ответов для решения вашей проблемы – пишите в чат.

Next, you will need to fill out a contact form and briefly describe the problem. After that, you will have access to a dialogue with a Facebook representative.

Форма связи для того, чтобы сотрудник Facebook понимал суть вашей проблемы

Contact form for Facebook employee to understand the essence of your problem

A dialogue with a company employee can last from a couple of minutes to an hour, depending on how well you know English. As a result, the community representative must either help you solve the problem or request additional time to clarify the details. The final answer usually comes to the mail indicated in the form or to which your account is linked.

Пример переписки с представителем Facebook. Каждой проблеме присваивают свой ID, чтобы вы могли уточнять детали или отслеживать ход решения проблемы

An example of a conversation with a Facebook representative. Each problem is assigned its own ID so that you can clarify details or track the progress of solving the problem

Spoiler : a problem cannot always be solved quickly or at all. Some account restrictions can last for months. And for systematic ignoring of the rules, the user profile can be deleted altogether.

How to avoid blocking your Facebook account?

Typically hard-hitting rules are those who systematically ignore community warnings, post spam-like content, and violate other rules. For example, publishes publications that express hate or intimidation, or materials that are difficult to read. Also, the publication of nude images and materials that violate the right to confidentiality and intellectual property is prohibited. Threats or organization of acts of violence, as well as support of terrorist organizations are prohibited.

“We have put in place restrictions to prevent abuse of our features and to protect people from spam and harassment. For example, if a person sends a lot of messages to strangers, he may receive a warning or temporarily lose the ability to send messages “, – this is how the Facebook administration explains its policy.

Users who log into their account from multiple browsers or work on different devices, often use VPN for work or constantly change passwords can get blocked.

I advise you to pay attention to the point about Integrity and Authenticity. This applies to those users who work with multiple accounts. Facebook prohibits multiple users from using multiple accounts or using one account.

From the Editor . When a problem arises, we try to read all the articles on how to solve this problem. Here are some more articles on how to unblock Facebook: “Facebook, why are you blocking me? A great guide to blocks and bans on Facebook ”,“ 5 reasons to block Facebook advertising accounts ”,“ How to get a commercial page and domain out of the Facebook ban ”.

Temporarily block certain user actions on Facebook, if:

  • Any of your posts has been judged by the community security systems to be suspicious or inappropriate.
  • People flagged your posts or friend requests as unwanted.
  • You have violated community norms.

The length of the ban depends on the severity of the violation and your Facebook reputation.

In all the cases that happened to our colleagues, there are some common points: they run multiple business pages, use minimal advertising budgets, and actually distribute their content to groups and communities on a daily basis. By taking these into account, such restrictions can be avoided.

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