How to replace posts selling head-on: 6 types and 23 options

We are always happy to share benefits or entertain the audience. What about sales? If you’re the type of post that sells posts “somehow don’t work” , this article will help you gather inspiration.

Here is a selection of 6 post types that can replace posts like “here’s a product with a description, here’s a price, buy here” , and 23 options with examples of how you can apply them. I don’t like long introductions, so get straight to business.

Type 1. Selling utility

Who said that useful posts can’t be spiced up with sales? Catch several options for how you can combine them:

1. Write about something useful not from your niche, but related to your product

For example:

  • How to check the purity of water + selling filters.
  • How to plan a business lady’s time + sale of gliders.
  • What ingredients are dangerous for hair + selling shampoo without these ingredients.

The stationery store gives advice on how to diversify the keeping of the diary, and along the way talks about the new colored pens in the range:

Напишите про что-то полезное не из вашей ниши, но сопряженное с вашим продуктом

2. Useful Lists

For example:

  • List of documents for obtaining any license + offer to contact your law firm and not bother with this issue yourself.
  • Checklist “What to take on the plane for kids of different ages” + tell about toys and educational materials from your store.
  • “10 Gift Ideas for a Designer” , which includes your design workshops among the ideas.

A selection of ideas for inscriptions on bracelets was suggested by a typography that deals with laser engraving:

Полезные списки

3. How to … posts

How to choose / check / do something yourself. For example:

  • How to choose the right air conditioner + mention specific air conditioner models with links to your store.

Example : An air conditioner with such and such characteristics is suitable for a room of 20 m², for example, model N.

You can write a whole article in which you can give useful information in detail, and add a lot of examples of your products / services. For example, like this:

Посты «‎How to…»

  • How to check the competence of an interior designer + write about yourself.

Example : In a post, you recommend checking reviews. Write that you have reviews with your customers’ contacts. A potential customer can contact everyone who left a review and ask about you.

  • How to take care of your hands in the cold season + we invite you to the treatment at the salon.

4. Errors and difficulties

Write about common mistakes / difficulties that your potential clients face and which are related to your niche. Then tell us that you will help to do everything right, save clients time and / or money, and give a guaranteed result.

For example:

  • The target researcher can write a post “5 popular mistakes that I see in clients’ ad accounts” + offer an audit of an advertising campaign in social networks.
  • Idea for an accountant: “What difficulties does an individual entrepreneur in group 3 have when preparing tax reports? + tell about your services.
  • Tell “Why You Can’t Learn English From Movies” + An English teacher can mention their online lessons.

Type 2. Selling QA (question-answer)

This type is similar to selling utility (type 1), but the posts will be more targeted. In them, you model the situation / desire / problem / request of the audience (real or potential) with a question. And give a specific answer by writing a relevant sale in it.

For example: ⠀

Question : “I have light, fine hair. Severely split and electrified. What shampoo would you recommend? ”
Answer : “This shampoo will suit you, because (we’ll tell you why). You can order in our store using a direct link … “

Question : “I want to start training, but I can only train in the morning, until 9:00. Is it possible?”
Answer : “Yes, our hall opens at 6:00. From 6:00 to 9:00 you can come to Pilates, step aerobics, the pool or strength training. Sign up to Direct. The first training session is a gift. ”

Question : “I need to learn Spanish in 2 months, because I have a working trip. Which course is right for me? ”
Answer : “We have a Business Spanish course, but it is for 6 months. Therefore, we recommend you the Crash Course in Basic Spanish (1 month duration). And you can supplement it with personal lessons with our teacher for leveling up in a business direction. Participants of the accelerated course get a 30% discount on personal lessons. ”

Leshmaker girl for her TikTok shoots a video with such pinpoint questions and answers to them. For example, in this video she showed which eyelashes to grow when a client likes thin arrows:

Девушка-лешмейкер для своего TikTok снимает видео с такими точечными вопросами и ответами на них

Type 3. Selling post in the form of news

Tell the audience what’s going on in your project, and then make an offer. For example, you can report that:

1. You have or are about to have a new product: a product, service or information product.

For example:

“This week we will finish sewing towels and tablecloths from new fabrics. The carousel contains a photo of the first samples эмоджи And you can pre-order new items in Yandex.Direct. The first five customers will receive a tea towel эмоджи ”.

“Our team has a new specialist – Dmitry, a lawyer with 10 years of experience, a lawyer, an expert in tax disputes. Now you can seek advice on any issues related to the taxation of your business. To make an appointment for a consultation, call + 38-000-000-00-00 or leave a request on our website at the link: www.vashurist.ua “.

“My first“ Write a Song ”marathon is ready! You had such great feedback on the lessons that I decided to collect them, add 4 more workshops and do a 7-day free marathon. I will publish the entire program tomorrow. But in secret: there will be a lesson from an oh-oh-very cool author of texts. And who wants to take a seat right now, put + in the comments, I will contact everyone. ”

If there are a lot of new products, it’s a cool idea to make a selection with a demonstration in the post. For example, like this:

У вас появилась или вот-вот появится новинка: товар, услуга или инфопродукт

2. You have changed / improved an existing product

For example:

“I want my scented candles to delight you longer, so I’ve finalized the composition. Now, on average, +2 hours for small models and +3.5 hours for large ones will be added to the burning time. The pre-order for candles with the updated composition is already open эмоджи Write in the comments “I want” – and I will contact you ”.

“Making the reader cry is easy. But to make laugh is much more difficult. So we decided to learn this and teach you 🙂 Our new expert is already recording lessons on comedy texts in the studio. In the meantime, book your seats on the course, the stream starts on July 20 The link is in the profile header. ”

“I love coming to see you, but I hate signing up. I’m ashamed to say, but every time I plan a call, because talking on the phone is a real stress for me. May I write somewhere? ” – once shared one of our clients. And we decided: now you don’t have to call to sign up for the procedure. It is enough to open our website: link. Click on the “Register” button. In the window, select the time and date from the proposed ones and write your number. The day before the meeting, we will send you an SMS or a message to any messenger. ”

Another example:

Еще один пример

3. You / your product have broken some records, received an award, have some achievements

For example:

“In June alone, our gliders flew to a thousand girls from 5 countries. Are you already planning your summer business with us? If not, choose your glider on our website using the link: link. ”

“Did you know that Model N TV is the most beautiful in the world in 2021? By the way, we have one in stock. Put + in the comments and we will send you a detailed description of the model in Direct. ”

“Bam-bam-bam! There is no strength to be silent! Our agency entered the TOP-5 event-agencies in Ukraine Эмоджи Do you want a top-level presentation? Contact us by phone +380000000000 “.

4. Your product is running out

For example:

“I am going to give this course for the last time. It will no longer even be sold on record. I want to completely transform the program. Do you want to be in time? Registration – by direct link in the profile description. ”

“There are only 3 T-shirts left in this color, there will be no more of them, because the supplier has run out of such fabric. Order in Yandex.Direct. ”

“I only have 1 stain left this month. To write, write to Telegram, the link is in the profile header. ”

5. You are going to sell something in limited quantities

For example:

“This workshop is an experiment for me. Therefore, I want to recruit a small group, only 10 people, to check with you whether this format will work. Who wants to get into, write to Direct. ”

“There are models that we do not repeat. This couple is one of them. We sewed it in a single copy, and there will be no exact repetition. Maybe she’s yours? Write to us to order a fitting. ”

“There are 5 places for lamination of eyebrows at a promotional price to our new master Natalia. The cost is 500 UAH instead of 750 UAH. To write, write to Direct “I want to Natalia” “.

Type 4. History + sale

Only the lazy one did not talk about the power of storytelling (although the lazy one already did it). I will not repeat myself, just catch a few options for your stories:

1. How did you create the product

Example : Why I started making eco-leather wallets.

If you are an expert and / or develop a personal brand, there may also be stories about your formation, paths to success and obstacles on it:

Полезные списки0

2. How did you learn something new and now do it for clients

Example : I took refresher courses and now I teach children English using such and such a new method.

3. How did you search and find a new employee

Example : For a long time we could not find an air conditioning specialist at the service station, but now they have found, and you have new services.

4. How your product helped the client, saved, made some changes, made them happy

Example : The client set up advertisements for his webinar himself. There were only 2 days left before the start, and there were only 23 registrations. The question arose whether to hold a webinar at all, because the audience was not large enough. But you helped, reconfigured your ad and gathered another 250 people in the remaining 2 days. The webinar took place, the client is happy.

These can also be reviews and / or cases. You can use failure stories if you’re willing to share:

Полезные списки1

5. History on behalf of the item that was not bought

For example, one of your products might tell you:

  • How sad he is that no one has bought it yet, but he believes in a miracle.
  • That he has just arrived at the store and is looking forward to his customer.
  • How can it be a cool gift / solve a problem / help its owner in something.

You can make 1 post-story or a whole collection. For example, if you need to warm up before launching a product, prepare a series of posts that illustrate from several angles how the product helps different types of customers in different situations.

Type 5. Marketing entertainment

1. Polls and polls

Example : What color is the coolest dress: black or white? By the way, both are available.

Or like this:

Полезные списки2

2. Unusual use of your product

Example : 5 non-standard ways to use solid perfume + a call to order.

3. Bad advice

Example : If you are teaching etiquette courses for girls, you can write a humorous post with anti-tips on behavior during dinner in a restaurant. After explaining that, of course, this is a joke. And how to behave correctly in different situations, you tell on the course.

4. Crash tests

Example : Checking how stretch ceilings from different materials burn. We clearly demonstrate why our materials are safer.

Полезные списки3

5. Tests for the selection of your product

Example : Take the quiz to find the perfect prom dress. At the end of the post – a link to the store.

6. Horoscopes

Example: The bookstore picks a star-recommended book for each zodiac sign today.

This is how, for example, Foxtrot implemented the idea of ​​a horoscope in social networks. They offered their Technikoscope, where they chose a suitable technique for each sign of the zodiac:

Полезные списки4

Type 6. Selling social proof

We have already talked about cases and reviews, about awards and victories too. What else can you use?

1. Research on the benefits, coolness and importance of your product

This could be your own personal observation or someone else’s authoritative research (with the source indicated). For example, when selling content marketing services, you can refer to what Forbes has called content marketing the 2021 trend.

2. Opinions of famous people about your product

For example, a top model said in an interview that she regularly undergoes a cosmetic procedure N. Among the services of your salon there is also this procedure. Write about the service, mentioning that the same top model uses it, and then invite them to your salon.

It can also be opinions in general about a niche or your industry. For example, you can compile a selection of celebrities who are learning Japanese. And link to your online lessons.


Do I need to say that you can write texts, take photos and videos, draw comics, infographics, pictures, create presentations, and implement any formats you want based on these ideas? I think no. The main thing is to use 🙂

The “SMM-specialist” course is designed for those who want to master a new profession of an SMM-specialist. You will be able to independently create a plan for publishing content, learn how to launch advertising campaigns and analyze their results. Bring leads and sales from social networks to customers.


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