How to learn to write for social media?

I write for love. Journalism for me is a profession, passion, foundation, meaning. I don’t believe that good writing requires inspiration. Tested on myself: passion arises in the process of writing material. I am sure: social networks are a paradise for any sociable person. You never know who will read your mind and offer cooperation. Here you can find a project for every taste and declare yourself. Do you often post on social networks?

What is “tasty” text, and what is it eaten with?

Everyone has their own taste. Sharp – if we write on the topic of the day. Sour – when a spicy topic is not to our liking, and we recognize ourselves in a negative character. The post becomes bitter when the author makes it clear that he is familiar with our experiences. The feeling of “soul mate” (we have something to talk about!) Makes you subscribe.

Of course, the taste can be sweet – where without dessert! Glamorous photos on Instagram, shots of wildlife, pictures of animals … I am inspired by cute toys and freaks that do not exist in nature. Everyone has their own source of buzz. Farce or tragedy – to each his own.

The text can be anything. The main thing is not insipid. Maybe lean food is good for the stomach, but they only eat it most often from under a stick.

Theory is a lonely recipe in a cookbook. You can’t go anywhere without it, but you won’t go far without ingredients.

First, watch what happens . Of course, stories for posts can be made up, but the reader is more likely to feel if they have been lied to. By the way, it will make your everyday life much more interesting.

Several years ago I made it a rule to turn any incident into a small text. People and situations that have recently led to despair have become a source of inspiration. So after an unsuccessful attempt to rent an apartment, I made a mini-investigation of “black” real estate schemes. After a disastrous performance, she learned to write reviews. The betrayal of friends led to a series of motivational texts about believing in yourself and why it is important not to hang your nose. Hacking a computer system made it easier to learn more about how security servers work and, in particular, what a VPN is.

When talking about a conflict, talk to the two sides . An objective text about an acute problem will resonate. For example, one of my posts talked about a dishonest doctor from a children’s hospital who was trying to make money on children’s problems. I was outraged by the doctor’s actions, but I tried to avoid excessive emotions. The post would be incomplete if I had not asked the doctor himself, what was he guided in his machinations. A post about problems at the zoo would have looked subjective if I had not asked the director why the animals are kept in terrible conditions. True, I received a cynical answer: “Because I also want to eat.” But this is also an opinion.

Remember, for whom you write the lyrics . Think about who your potential reader is, what he is interested in, what topics he is interested in. The abbreviation GOSS will help you with this, which is used by Western journalists during interviews, if not so much is known about the hero. The four letters stand for goal – obstacle – solution – start. The bottom line is that you can talk to each person about the problems they are facing. Ask what actions he took, how he found a solution and what he is working on at the moment. Starting from this abbreviation, you can come up with a lot of ideas for posts.

Personal experience is also important. Make it clear to the reader that the post was written by a living person, not an encyclopedia. Do not say general phrases, offer more specificity. Do not write “Ivan Ivanovich is a good man.” Instead, tell the story of the hero. The reader will come to the right conclusions for himself.

Respect the reader. Texts in the style of “you are all fools, and I am in chocolate” may generate interest, but only for a short time.

I remember seeing a post from a friend of a stylist on social networks about how awful women dress in a local town. There were many comments. I wrote to those who liked and spoke, and found out that none of them considered it necessary to order the service of a stylist. It seems that it is interesting to argue with him, but they will not trust their image to a negative person.

The course “Effective SMM: Promotion of Projects in Social Networks” is designed for those who want to master a new profession of an SMM specialist. You will be able to independently create a plan for publishing content, learn how to launch advertising campaigns and analyze their results. Bring leads and sales from social networks to customers.

Why write for social media if you have a serious business?

Business goes online. Customers want 24/7 tech support, access to interactive platforms, and are increasingly turning to gaming techniques.

So psychological games are popular among business coaches. For example, I recently saw an ad on Facebook. The coach offered to become Vasilisa the Wise for ten minutes and go through the quest. Questions from the series “What to do if Ivanushka the Fool came home drunk?” or “How to get out of the clutches of the Dragon if you do not like it at all, but for some reason you continue to communicate?” After the end of the game, a verdict was passed – what mistakes do you make in communicating with men. Then it was proposed to leave contacts, after which an invitation to a training on relations between a man and a woman came to the mail. This form of working with a client is a good alternative to standard tests.

The target audience is growing, the product is being sold, the image is being formed … What else is needed for happiness? Still wondering if it is worth taking your business online? According to Forbes, shopping through social networks will become a key area of ​​online marketing in 2020. This means that the need to write texts will take on a new breath.

  • Try to provoke – say something new, valuable, sharp, maybe a little risky.

  • Warn about the dangers, people love it.

  • How about an investigation? Uncover a little secret about dishonest competitors, or share information on why readers should be careful.

Before writing a post, ask yourself the question: “Why do I want to tell you about this?” If the answer is clear, write. If not, think. The “why” question will reveal weaknesses in the text.

The golden rule of posting for business purposes is that whatever you write should help clients achieve their desired goal, avoid risks, or solve a problem. Most likely, your “why” is somewhere nearby.

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How to publish a book by starting writing for social networks

At the festival for art therapy and other psychological areas of art practice, which took place in the Dnieper in mid-October, the following idea sounded. A book may appear from material in social networks. During the festival, I managed to talk with several psychologists who claimed that they analyzed in detail the situations of clients on their pages in social networks and collected so much material that it was enough for a small book.

Of course, this scheme works if you treat social networks like a diary. The described approach may be of interest to psychologists, trainers, internet marketers. Who will be interested in such a publication? Potential clients, as well as those who want to understand the questions posed.

This news motivates those to whom social networks seemed to be something frivolous. But in order to reach the level of publishing, you need to meet some criteria.

First, the choice of niche and topic is important. Think about what you do best. If you cannot answer this question, tell me what kind of requests do your acquaintances make to you? Share a recipe, help with a stubborn teenage daughter, recommend a book, develop a business plan? Now formulate your topic.

To attract a readership, of course, you need to be an expert. But in your post you do not need to “shout” about this from the first lines. It will be more interesting for the reader to learn the story than to read about hundreds of diplomas, certificates and other incomprehensible titles. For example, a post like “I am a lawyer with 20 years of experience” is more appropriate for a resume. But analyzing the situation with which the client contacted you will help subscribers who have fallen into a similar story. Show your audience that their issues are as important to you as your own. Of course, you can and should talk about qualifications, but only after the client’s problem has been resolved.

The question arises, does everyone need to take on writing a book? Of course, this is worth doing if you have a lot of work experience, you have something to share with your readers and you are sure that you can solve their life problems. And social networks will help and help organize what you want to talk about. In addition, you can advertise the book well on social media by announcing individual stories.

Exercises for those who want to learn to write

  1. Fasting is a daily activity. If you forget about social media for a week, the audience will switch to someone else. Assignment: Before going to bed, think about the most significant events, meetings or conversations of the day. Think about what problem you are facing today? For example, a friend called me to talk about how hard it is for her to study abroad. Conversation may well be the starting point for fasting. But before you post it on social media, think about how you want to tell the story.

  2. Edit the text to such an extent that not a word can be removed from the post.

  3. Play the game “virtual flyer”. Pick one topic (economics, politics, society, education) and write a list of 100 topics to talk about.

  4. A little spying won’t hurt. Choose a real-life hero whose problems are close to you. Make a literary portrait of him.

  5. A good post combines story (personalization) and context (global events that influenced the character’s life. For example, when a friend told about a strangulation case at school, we investigated. “On a strange game -” dog buzz. “This problem, together with statistical data, expert opinion became the basis for the material.

Find context for the following examples:

– The child runs away from home because he is beaten by his stepfather.

– A criminal group operates in the city.

– The topics in the English exam did not match the curriculum.

– A famous business coach went broke.

– Cases of poisoning have been recorded in a restaurant chain.

– A well-known musical group arrived with a concert at a local orphanage.

The course “SMM: Promotion of Projects in Social Networks” was created for those who promote their brand in social networks. You will learn how to schedule publications, launch advertising campaigns, analyze performance and conversion rates.


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