How to get comments if your page is not about scandals-intrigues-investigations: 12 ideas for interactive posts

“Bullshit – these are your social networks. Me, except for “Cool” and “You have beautiful photos, go to our page”, they do not even write any comments. I only spend time on posts, ”- roughly this is what every second entrepreneur thinks about social networks.

Yes, the audience is lazy these days. They don’t even want to poke a like, let alone write a comment.

But let’s still try to stir up the audience. In this article, I have collected 12 basic interactive post ideas and their variations.

Take your content plans 🙂

1. Polls

Yes / No question.

For example :

A poll with multiple answers where you need to select one or more. All kinds of votes are included here.

For example :

With the need for a detailed answer: “What do you think?”, “How was it?”, “How do you feel about ..?”

Roll calls.

2. Games

Here, your imagination is not limited by anything. I will write several options:

Continue the phrase, for example: “If I became a millionaire, I would …”

Compose the title of your movie / book with a theme word, for example, Harry Potter and the Philosophical Multicooker.

Fortune-telling games such as “What kind of lipstick are you?”, “What’s in store for you tomorrow?”, “Where are you going this summer?”

Make up new words from one word, for example: “Make the maximum number of words from the word balalaika.

All sorts of puzzles, for example: Find the Differences, Solve the Equation, Rearrange the Sticks, How many cats are in the picture?

Associations. For example: “Write your associations for the word coaching.

Decryption. “Decipher the name of our store” Vasya “, for example: Gorgeous, Actual, Super, Bright.

This list is far from exhaustive 🙂 In each niche, you can come up with a lot of your options, from one-time games to protracted quests.

3. Like time

I think everyone knows what it is. “Like me”, “Write a comment” I want to like “,” Like each other. ” I will not stop.

4. Dating, networking

“Write who you are and what you do, how you can be useful to others.” This allows you to:

– get to know your audience better;

– find the right people (if you are searching);

– creates the desired activity, because someone does not like to talk about themselves 🙂


5. Mutual parsing


“Write a comment” How do you like my Instagram “, and the rest of the subscribers will write their ideas to improve your account. I will also write my analyzes to the most active participants. ”



An option could be parsing from you, as an expert, with different mechanics.

For example :

“Place a post in your account, mark my profile, write why you want to parse from me, and put the tag # I want to parse megasuperguru. I will randomly select 5 subscribers who will receive a parsing from me for free. ”

6. Tests

Serious or humorous. Real (for example, if you are a psychologist) or invented by you (if you are a home appliance store and promise to pick up a microwave based on the results of the test).


Be sure to urge to share the test results in comments and let’s transcribe.

Decryption can be given:

– in the same post;

– promise next (you involve following publications);

– give in a personal and transfer to personal work, if this is relevant for you.


7. Auction and anti-auction

Who doesn’t know, anti-auction is when each step lowers the cost 🙂


This activity is not only for products, as many people think. Services and information products can also use these interactives. For example, it is easy to arrange an auction for your personal consultation.

Be sure to carefully write the conditions:

– auction / anti-auction step;

– duration;

– how the winner is determined (for example, whose bet will be the last at a certain time of a certain date, or whose bet will not be interrupted within 2 hours);

– how he will receive his purchase, and what will happen if the winner refuses the purchase;

– how many bets you can place;

– other important points for you.


8. Contest

They differ only in terms and mechanics: from “Like and repost” to “Shoot a commercial about us”. It is important to keep in mind that the more difficult you want to use conditions, the more valuable the prize should be.

For example, asking to come up with a slogan for your pastry shop for a one-time 5% discount is too difficult. But giving cakes for the birthdays of all members of the author’s family during the year for the best slogan is already more interesting 🙂

Another cool option for a long-term increase in activity is a long-term competition with a set of points.

How to start a long contest

1. Think over the conditions:

– for what and how many points you will give. For example: like – 1 point, repost – 3 points, comment – 5 points, etc .;

– restrictions, for example: a comment from only emoticons or symbols is not counted, comments on posts that were before the competition were announced are not counted;

– the term of the competition (at least 5-7 days);

– prizes (preferably several);

– how you will calculate the results (give yourself a few days for this, take your time).

2. Make a post with the announcement of the competition, in which carefully describe the conditions.


3. Then publish the posts according to your content plan.

It is advisable to pay even more attention to quality during the competition. Since the activity will increase, and then the coverage. Show your potential subscribers in the best possible light 🙂

4. Count the results and award the winners.

5. Praise yourself for having withstood all of this, and for being great.

9. FAQ

Invite your audience to ask you questions in the comments. On some topic or any. And mark the time when you will answer them. For example:

Within an hour, I answer your questions about creating cool landing pages in the comments.

Leave any of your questions until 20.00 today. I will go live at 20.00 and answer.


10. Marathons

Can be helpful, motivating or entertaining.

Some ideas for an example:

Step by step we write the perfect text “About the Company” in 3 days.

I want to start practicing breathing exercises. Who is with me? For 5 days in a row I will share my exercises and impressions in the posts. Join.

From now on I refuse sweets. Every day I will write about my feelings and changes. Who is with me? Add + in comments.

Launch plan:

Come up with a general theme that will allow you to teach the audience something useful, give them some tangible result, or simply captivate and entertain.

Schedule posts (for example, usefulness) + tasks / questions for several days (for useful 3-7 it will be optimal, for motivating, entertaining, marathon habits, you can do more). Additionally, you can come up with a subject tag.

Offer to participate in the marathon for free in exchange for comments and reports on the completion of tasks.

Finally, ask for feedback, impressions and results from the marathon under a separate post.



For training marathons, you can also apply the mechanics of placing homework in the profiles of the participants. Especially if the completed tasks are difficult or simply inconvenient to post in the comments (like, for example, homework of photo marathons on Insta).

Ask only to mark your profile and put a thematic tag so that you can see these homework. In exchange, offer your feedback, posting the best homework in your story, your analysis of the best / interesting homework.

11. Award

It looks like a competition, but on a larger scale and solemnly 🙂

Some ideas

Teaching manicurists? Launch the Manicure of the Day (Month, Season, Year) award.


Selling photography equipment? The Portrait of the Month Award will attract photographers.

In almost any niche, you can award Clients of the Year, Subscribers of the Week.

How to start

1. Think over the conditions:

– how to participate;

– how to apply;

– in what time frame everything happens;

– requirements for participants;

– how the rewarding will take place and other points that you consider important.

2. Decide with the jury (who will select the winners).

3. Take care of certificates or diplomas, this is a prize, not just a competition 🙂 Your winner will certainly want to show off his title. The certificate can also be in electronic form.

4. To give or not to give prizes in addition to certificates is at your discretion.

12. “Run My Life”

The bottom line is that you give the audience background information and then offer to help you make a decision.

A bit like a survey. But there are differences:

You stretch this interactive for a certain period (you asked more than once and moved on).

You really do what most of your audience decides.

You show what this leads to. This is the format of a reality show.

For example :

“I am working on a new course and invite everyone to become co-authors. Now I am writing the structure of the block about N. Write in it information 1, 2, 3 or 4, 7, 5? What do you think? “

And then, during a certain period, you show your progress, along the way inviting the audience to help you make further decisions on your new course: on the content, on the design, on the venue and duration. Anything 🙂

And finally …

In fact, there are a lot of ideas for such posts. And now you have at least 12.

All that remains is to open your content plan, enter regular interactions into it and try, try, try … Ready? 🙂

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