How to effectively collaborate with influencers? detailed instructions

Although Instagram announced in 2019 that it was going over to the side of good, and began an active fight against bots, mass following and massliking, in reality, not everything turned out to be so fast.

When buying ads from one of them, you want to be sure that your money will not be wasted.

Catch useful tips when choosing bloggers:

1. I am hard to find, easy to lose and impossible to forget

To find a blogger with the desired target audience among readers, your subscribers, geolocation and servers with blogger databases will help you.


It’s simple! Go to the profiles of representatives of your target audience, see which bloggers they are subscribed to and what they are interested in. This process is time consuming, but free.


This method is suitable for those who are looking for bloggers in a specific city, region, etc.

Enter a popular hashtag for the city or write the desired geolocation and choose those you like (blogger posts can be determined by the number of likes under posts).

Servers with Blogger Databases

This is the most convenient and fastest way of the three, but the most expensive. By paying for one of these services, you immediately receive statistics and information about the blogger with advertising prices.

Here are some of them:

2. Size doesn’t matter!

Most clients from medium to large businesses tend to work with bloggers with a million-strong (if budgets allow). And actually, why not?

Advertising from over-million bloggers is good if you need brand awareness. If your goal is sales, working with micro-influencers will attract more leads. This is because the millionaire audience is a vinaigrette of followers of different ages, countries and interests. Therefore, it will be more difficult to predict the results than in the case of working with micro-influencers, whose audience is more relevant to your product.

It is necessary to determine the goals of cooperation and choose the appropriate type of opinion leader.

  1. If your goal is recognition, brand loyalty, a large-scale image campaign, then bloggers with 300 thousand subscribers are well suited in this case.

  2. If your goal is to acquaint the target audience with the product, tell about its benefits and benefits, macroinfluencers are suitable for you.

  3. If you have a niche product that targets a narrow audience, it might be the right decision to work with a micro-influencer. It is important that the blogger is an expert in what he is advertising, and his audience is maximally interested in this advertisement.

3. Aware – Armed

In our case, we are talking about the number of likes. Instagram, of course, is struggling with cheating, but many bloggers are still using it successfully.

Therefore, we recommend that you consider ER – an indicator of audience engagement (what percentage of subscribers respond to publications with likes and comments). The formula is suitable for both feeds and stories. In the latter case, you will have to request statistics on stories.

ER = number of reactions (including reactions from advertising posts) / number of users reached (total reach) * 100%.

If your engagement is from 6% or more – the indicator is above average, if from 4% to 6% – the indicator is considered average.

How to measure performance?

Manually record the number of subscriptions, requests and general activity of your profile. You can also use a special promotional code and count people who bought something from you and used it.

If you decide to lead a potential client to the site, you can assign a separate UTM tag for the link. You will track all conversions by the UTM tag and have real statistics.


Advertising from bloggers is an effective promotion channel if you correctly define the goals of cooperation and ways to measure effectiveness. We wish to meet only conscientious bloggers on your way to conversions!

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