How to collect addresses for your mailing list?

Why does business need email marketing? This question is especially relevant now, when many harshly predict death to letters, and sing odes to messenger marketing (I wonder, is there such a term?). If you are in doubt about the effectiveness of your email campaign, take your good English and follow the link and read the research showing that email campaigns have the highest ROI.

So you are a business. Young and beautiful, but you don’t have a mailing list yet. But you want to build it because you can:

  • to warn about the launch of a new product and tell about it;
  • promote your event, successfully sell specific products or services;
  • offer customized discounts to subscribers;
  • tell about the condition of your super-duper action, on the birth of which you have been working all the last week;
  • if you have a community and write letters to its members, then build trust in the brand: warm words and wonderful stories in letters work wonders;
  • you can offer the customer to make a repeat purchase on favorable terms – in other words, bring the customer back out of the store.

There are several ways to collect a subscription base for an online business. If you have a stack of business cards after attending a conference, you can write letters reminding you of where you met and how you can be of help. In the signature to the letter, leave an offer to subscribe to your mailing list.

The second traditional way is to collect email addresses from the site. To do this, you will need a subscription form, or a pop-up window and a reason why a person wants to leave you their address (this could be a lead magnet or a discount on a product) and a tool that will collect your database. We will return to subscription forms and their creation later in this article, but creating a lead magnet is, perhaps, a topic for a separate publication.

The third way is to manage your CRM and carefully collect customer addresses. If you have a brief on your site, collect also the addresses of those who filled it out. Even if the person hasn’t bought your service. You can ask a person if he agrees to receive the newsletter and give an example of one of the most successful emails.

Addresses can be obtained by processing incoming calls. Just offer to leave the address for some very tasty and attractive “bun”.

Addresses can be collected from online chats.

You can collect addresses from social networks and we will dwell on this in more detail.

How to collect subscribers’ addresses via social networks?


Facebook has a great opportunity to leave a link to the site right under the group header. You can use this to get addresses. You can write about your wonderful newsletter and its undoubted benefits for everyone who subscribes directly to your Facebook intro.

Let your Facebook followers subscribe to your newsletter.


simple and effective

Don’t isolate email marketing and social media from each other. You will only benefit if you let these two ecosystems work in tandem. For example, SendPulseS has a great Facebook integration.. In short, it’s about delivering leads from your Facebook ad campaigns straight to your address book. Tempting? Definitely.

Little data is needed for such instant delivery of addresses to the database. This:

  • Facebook Page ID
  • Address Book ID from SendPulse
  • PageAccessToken – a key that is issued by Facebook in order to get lead data


The service is located at fb-leads.sendpulse.com. And there is a detailed description of its capabilities.


To use Instagram to attract subscribers to your newsletter, simply add a link to the subscription form in your profile header. For example, you invite everyone to a webinar, or offer a lead magnet


Link is naming


Oops – and the subscriber base is replenished

There is a second feed on Instagram. This is a story feed. According to statistics, the average user of the application visits there more often. You can ask to subscribe to the newsletter and tell about it directly in the story. If you have more than 10,000 subscribers, then you can embed links in your stories for free. So expand your subscription base! … Select an image or video, add a callout text to it, and embed a link to the sign up form.

You can invite your followers to subscribe to the newsletter both in the Stories and in the feed through advertisements in Instagram Lead Ads, which is configured in the Facebook advertising account. You need to use Instagram Lead Ads to collect a subscriber base right in the app. It looks like an advertisement with a window where a person leaves his mail. You can download leads from Facebook in .csv format or through integration with the CRM system.

Try directing Instagram users not only to the lead collection form, but also to the site and landing page. And already there, collect a subscription base. This is also very effective.

The easiest and surest way to collect the base

Of course, this is a form on the site.


Well, what is so difficult – leave your address, and we … But in fact, coming up with a cool form, such that a subscriber would give the most intimate – an email – is very difficult. But besides the text, the number of windows for information, color, design, there are also different strategies for using subscription forms

Different strategies for collecting email addresses using subscription forms

  1. Static subscription form

  2. Push notifications – pop-up forms. They are also called pop-ups, they appear only under certain conditions. For example, when a person has spent enough time on the site, or after visiting 3-4 pages, or leaves the cart, leaves the site (tries to close the tab).

  3. A combination of static and dynamic subscription forms is the most commonly used one.

  4. Subscription forms are different for the main categories of the site. Call to action must be relevant to the category the person is in. According to where exactly the person subscribed, certain content is sent to him in a chain of letters. For example, take the WebPromoExperts blog. If a person reads about SEO, he can be offered to send seo articles, announcements of seo events by mail.

  5. Strategy from the depth of the page scrolling. Different forms of subscriptions can be used on landing pages. Landing pages always have capture forms, static. But if a person has read 60% of the landing page, but has not bought it yet, then he is clearly interested. Then you can connect a pop-up, the text on which will differ from the “built-in” subscription forms on the landing page.

Choose the strategy that suits you best. Test. But in any case, you will really need a subscription form constructor.

Let’s take a look at the capabilities of such a tool from SendPulse.

I personally conducted the test. I have never been engaged in the design of newsletters and did not think that it turns out that with the help of the constructor, you can easily change the subscription form and make it impressive. My task is to change the subscription form on the blog site. Now it looks like this:


How to make the subscription form more attractive using SendPulse constructor


I choose “Subscription forms” from the menu

Next, I need to choose which form of subscription I need. SendPulse offers the following:


I decided that I would try to construct an inline form first. Then I’ll try something else.

I saw that in articles on other sites there are horizontal forms across the entire width of the screen. They are both an attention grabber and a text separator. I’ll try to create a form like this.

I can select in the Form Builder:

  • field layout
  • width
  • the background of the form (in this case, I can select any image and make it the background) You need to get to the “Background picture” menu item, when you switch the lever to on. the “Select file” button appears
  • Font
  • Subscription form outline
  • Input and title fields.

See what happens:


I chose the “postman” for the picture, the background color and how the picture is positioned. I know for sure that in the constructor’s capabilities add animation effects to make the subscription form even more lively, by the way:

Maximum image size: 1024 x 1024 pixels

Maximum file size: 2Mb

I’m thinking of some cool text. Most of all, I remember the mailing form from the WriteNow website. Here it is:


To make it fun too, I need concise text that will show the benefits of the mailing, make you smile and give your email address immediately.

To change the text in the window, just click on it:


Behind the scenes – the throes of creativity: I don’t like any text

Here I must admit that usually in order to sort out a technical problem, I definitely need a consultant. But this Form Builder is so simple and the interface is intuitive and I can handle it myself.

If you don’t like the text, you can always go back one step:


It is better to prepare several options and test

Form Builder Templates

If you like strict laconic subscription forms, then you can choose from ready-made Form Builder templates:


laconic – doesn’t mean boring

How to set up a pop-up with animation (spoiler: simple)

Select the pop-up form in the constructor


First, you need to set the parameters of the pop-up attack on the reader of your site. And this is done through the button “Form options”


Select display conditions



We also think about what is possible, if we show the pop-up not every day, the success will be fantastic


As you can see here you can select separate site pages for each pop-up

What’s important? And the fact that you can add your own conditions for the display.


Please also note the terms of use and privacy policy option.

If you activate it, the following phrase will appear in your form:


The animated effect is hidden here:


It remains to choose whether the pop-up will move out (and from which side), shake, jump, scroll, fade out.

New features: adding fields, pictures

Let’s say we want to make a special shape – several fields, a picture. The Form Builder has a wonderful tool – the visual divider. We will need a series of tools in the left panel


Click on the separator and then drag all the attributes you need into the form: fields: pictures, text, check-box, drop-down lists. It turned out like this:


Then I removed all unnecessary things:


I have inserted a link to the blog into the text – there is such a possibility

Well, everything seems to be ready.

Create some shapes and test. Leave the ones that work best on the site.

Instead of a conclusion

Keep your mailing lists strong and your emails effective. Let your subscribers like the capture form so much that they will show it to others, screen it, use it as an example. When it is easy to create beauty, then it is no longer work, but a game. Game capture form designer.

I advise you to read some helpful articles on this topic. And start creating your bases and forms right now, without delay.

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