Cheap traffic from Facebook: does the customer really need it?

I will share with you my experience on how to get many clicks on Facebook for just $ 0.01 per click.

I have conventionally divided the article into two parts: how to drive cheap traffic from Facebook, and what is high-quality traffic. My observations and experience will definitely be useful to the owners of web resources who spend money on advertising on Facebook. You will understand what kind of traffic you need and what KPIs to set for an SMM specialist.

1. Cheap traffic from Facebook. Customer perspective

I will never believe that you can get a quality click for $ 0.01. But I have met a lot of entrepreneurs who, after watching a webinar, shouted that the budget is being poured into a pipe, and how it is – others get cheap leads and clicks, as well as a sea of ​​customers and sales, and their internet marketer is not good at targeting.

And now I understand the whole meaning of the phrase “CLIENT IS ALWAYS RIGHT”. Do you know why? Let’s go …

The task was as follows: get the maximum result with a minimum budget, without targeting, geo, bid adjustments, etc. And when I say “result”, I do not mean a sale, lead, purchase or even a subscription, namely cheap click and large coverage of publications.

Throwing all doubts aside, I decided to try out the cheap clicks method and realized what exactly internet marketers are selling in their ads, what numbers they show and how they appeal.

Here is an example of the first ad campaign that was launched:

Agree, it’s not bad when the average cost per click on advertising is 1 hryvnia, if we talk about Google shopping. And if we consider not a product, but a service, then my click reached 70 hryvnia. And here 24 kopecks from Facebook per click …

P. S. According to the first advertising campaign, the relevance score is generally space, such figures have not yet been in my experience. There should be my photo and digital glasses;)

Here’s an example of a second ad campaign:

Not bad too, but already $ 0.02 per click.

In the end, from two campaigns we got 4,126 clicks and 50,188 reach for only $ 51.11

The difference between the two RCs:

Target – traffic

Traffic – site

Daily budget – $ 30-35

Age – 18-55 / 18-57

Placements – Facebook / Facebook, Audience Network

And by the way, RC1 got more clicks to the site at $ 0.01, but RC2 got more likes, engagement and likes on the Facebook page, and the click cost was $ 0.02.

The numbers and indicators are encouraging. Earlier, I already made a small post on my page about how to sell wishful thinking, and there I gave as an example $ 0.01 per engagement (this is completely different), and passed it off as clicks … But I did it. “Hooray! – I thought. “Now I can tell everyone how cool I am, how I can drive cheap traffic from social networks for any business.”

The customer wanted cheap traffic from Facebook to the site and achieved the goal. The customer wanted a large coverage of Facebook posts and got it. The task is 100% completed, and we really received positive feedback and recommendations from the customer.

This is the first part of the story, where there is cheap traffic from social networks, a hyped advertising campaign on Facebook and a satisfied customer.

Maxim Kuzminsky , Head of the WebPromo Context Department:

To answer the question “does the customer need cheap traffic from Facebook?”, you need to understand the purpose of the advertising campaign and what business tasks it should solve, how the result will be measured. For example, for e-commerce projects CPA, ROMI are the key performance indicators, and cost per click does not play a key role. We often meet in our work with the delusion on the part of the customer that the growth of traffic to the site is directly proportional to the number of orders, applications, etc. However, this is far from always the case.

Now the focus of advertising sources has shifted towards working with audiences, rather than buying clicks. And accordingly, the more targeted and limited audience you buy, the more expensive it is. Of course, knowingly overpaying for a click is not worth it, you need to work on the quality, relevance of advertising and optimize CPC, as this will affect your final KPI.

For tasks related to building reach, brand awareness, buying cheap traffic may be a suitable strategy. Since after segmentation of this audience, you can continue to communicate with it and lead along the funnel to the final action.

To summarize, there is cheap traffic from Facebook, but you need to clearly understand for what purposes to use it.

2. High-quality traffic from Facebook. A marketer’s perspective

Now let’s look at the other side of the coin: how high-quality and relevant was this traffic? Let’s take a look at the analytics.

The page loaded quickly enough, tested at Page Speed, indicator – 75%, loading speed – 1.6 seconds. We tested it on different smartphones with wi-fi and mobile Internet, it seemed that it was even faster. So we discard the version that customers left the site because of the download speed. There are online stores on the Magento platform, where pages load in 5-6 seconds, a bounce rate of 60%, and people stay and buy.

Of course, as I said above, the goal was not to sell and get a lead, but to reach the audience as much as possible and show content. But let’s say objectively: what content can a potential client see in 4 seconds, what information can he read? Even the logo during this time will not be imprinted in his memory.

Ask yourself a question, when you order food or go to buy jeans, what is more important to you – quality or markdown? You always have two options: order something more expensive and of better quality, or buy a cheap product that may leave you dissatisfied or hungry.

Also in advertising; you can shoot your finger at the sky, drive a lot of cheap traffic to the site, and perhaps out of 3 thousand clicks one person will buy something from you, share your content or recommend you as experts in your field.

And you can pay more and get better traffic with your target audience, which sits on Facebook, but this target audience is not selling so cheap.

Before launching an ad, consider the fact that you can’t win a full-fledged client for $ 0.01 / click. In addition, Facebook is more expensive than Google (IMHO). After setting up an ad with a target and paying a little more for it, the normal CPC on Facebook with a detailed target, demographics, geo, in my opinion, fluctuates around $ 0.05-6. Is it expensive, you say? And I will say that you will receive targeted traffic and a loyal customer to grow your customer base. After all, your Facebook subscribers are also a customer base that you can and should work with.


Can you get a lot of cheap traffic from social media? Definitely yes!

But whether you need to do this is up to you.

Is 0.01 cents CPC real? Yes, really!

In the article, I considered an example of advertising that was tuned for a young company in the Ukrainian market, and today it continues such an advertising campaign for coverage and brand recognition. From the point of view of a little-known company, cheap clicks are an easy way to make yourself known to a wider audience. But the relevance of this audience is very low.

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