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9 demons that will make online promotion hell

Our mission, as an educational project, is to fight the demons of internet marketing. And help promote your projects on the Internet. So far we are coping, but without your help, support, attention and feedback, it would be difficult.

If your work is connected with the Internet, you have probably come across these demons – they eat up the budget, delay the process, and postpone the result in every possible way. Let’s try to figure out how to detect and neutralize internet marketing demons.

Demon # 1. Many-armed many-legged

Многорукий многоног

What is it: an Internet marketing specialist on the staff of the company, who knows everything and does everything in the company. A little SEO sews the site, launches contextual advertising, prepares mailing lists, SMMs a little bit, he himself writes texts for the site and in the social network. Passable in code.

Why is it dangerous: actually does not know how to do anything and does not have time, projects freeze in an unfinished state, hair stands on end from email-mailing, he really understands a little in the code, but this is only against the background of his talents in copywriting. Perhaps he even honestly tries to be able to do everything and keep up with it, but even in 24/7 mode, one person cannot pull all Internet marketing on himself. In fact, this is not his fault, it looks like a typical vacancy, and companies copy it one after another. It is unlikely that the applicant will be able to convey all its absurdity to the employer, he is here a hostage of circumstances.

How to win: increasing resources for Internet marketing, hiring specialists of different profiles or outsourcing marketing to a specialized agency.

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Demon # 2. Demons that make it look like they are working


What are they: usually it is a whole studio of two high school students that can do everything on the Internet. Young, but already terribly experienced. He has several hundred projects under his belt, happy clients and an “A” in algebra. They ate a dog on how to raise a site to the top of any search engine for any request in a week, launches contextual advertising in a day, develops a site of any complexity for $ 50. Fulfills every whim.

Why are they dangerous? create the appearance of work, but in fact they just waste the client’s time. Most likely, they will not cause much harm, but there will be no constructiveness either. They will definitely cause delays in the development of business on the Internet. In the time that you spend on these small “devils”, competitors can succeed in the market, and then it will be more difficult and more expensive to win positions. And this is the biggest danger.

How to win: they are invincible as long as there is human greed. Just bypass such organizations. It is easy to identify them – by inadequate sky-high promises and low prices. Usually, all the poles, subway cars and minibus salons are decorated with self-made ads from such studios – a decent company does not work with such methods.

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Demon # 3. Adepts of the highest knowledge

Адепт высших знаний

What is it: studied the black magic of Internet marketing from secret masters, so he cannot tell mere mortals about the methods of his work. If they find out, they will die right there, unable to withstand the power of the ancient magic of SEO and context. Therefore, he avoids answering all the questions about what and how he will do.

Why is it dangerous: the same as the previous ones.

How to win: the main thing here is not victory, but participation. To begin with, it is important to understand that we are dealing with this very entity. Ask a few questions about the process, goals. Ask about the team, try to get to know each other. If in response to the question “who will be involved in my project?” get something like “twelve cute elves who never show up” – go away. Communication with a potential contractor should be comfortable. If he is a specialist, he will tell in detail about what is being done and how, and in the process of work he will be as “transparent” as possible. Just because the whole market is already like that.

Editor’s Note. Yulia Drozhzhina wrote an article “How recruiting has changed in the face of a pandemic”. From the article, you will learn that it is not the “adepts of higher knowledge” that are valued now, but employees with emotional intelligence or flexibility.

Demon 4. Experienced botman

Опытный ботовод

What is it: a beginner internet marketer, an apprentice with a junior assistant. Clearly fulfills the set goals. Cheaper, in accordance with the client’s technical specification, fills the Facebook group with first-class cheap Nigerian bots or Ukrainian ones, but more expensive. Dashingly collects hundreds of thousands of likes, amuses for retweeting and rapidly achieves the most meaningless heights of promotion on the Internet.

Why it is dangerous: reaching dubious, even if large, goals in the form of huge groups on social networks or likes and video views, takes the company away from the main task of promoting on the Internet – sales and audience retention. The size of the group and the stack of likes are not as important as the quality of the audience, their passion for the product, and the correct use of the tools. Even the best drills on the market will have fewer Facebook fans than a fashion-loser magazine, but the pursuit of pretty numbers can easily go wrong.

How to win: the correct setting of goals that are tied to the result. That is, strategically – for sales, and tactically – for those things that are characteristic of the corresponding tools (more on that later).

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Demon # 5. Small Resource Daemon

Демон маленьких ресурсов

What is it: Internet promotion through only one channel – only SEO, only context, only mailing list, etc. No other resources available.

Why it is dangerous: the fact is that different Internet marketing tools perform different functions. Media, banner ads are needed to generate demand for a product. SEO and contextual advertising – for product promotion, social networks, mail and SMS-mailings – for audience retention and subsequent sales. Without an integrated approach, at best, there will be a minimum “exhaust” from the money invested. At worst, it’s a waste of money and time. For example, if you are only concerned with the formation of demand, then there is a possibility that the client, having decided to buy a product, will see the advertisements of competitors and go to them. If you spend only on SEO and context, but not retention of existing customers, then the cost of one lead will be significantly higher, since acquisition is more expensive than retention. Social networks are a poor helper in promoting a product to an audience that doesn’t know anything about it yet.

How to win: if there is not enough human resources – by hiring appropriate personnel or outsourcing. If financial – by increasing the budget. If there is no money right now, then at least the budget for next year, but for the maximum effect from the money invested, it is important to use an integrated approach.

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Demon # 6. Demon of bureaucracy

Демон бюрократии

What is it like: usually this is the main office of the company, which is located in another country or city, a manager who has locked all the processes in the company and cannot quickly respond to employee requests, or a large a chain of people responsible for approval, from which someone regularly falls on vacations, business trips, sick leave and meetings. It prevents you from quickly agreeing on any changes on the site. Does not allow you to quickly respond to customer complaints in social networks. Prevents local business from keeping up with the times.

Why is it dangerous: delay at different stages gives a head start to competitors and spoils the perception of the company by customers. Potentially fertile ground for social media “fires” when it comes to slow or absent responses to complaints.

How to win: if there is no way to get more “autonomy” from the management or the main office, then the only way is to prepare response templates for the “last-minute” (“write to us by mail, describe the problem, we let’s figure it out “) situations. The secret of success in this case is to react instantly and take the frustrated client offline. Every minute of delay threatens a massive disaster.

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Demon # 7. The Ghost of the Tower of Babel

Призрак Вавилонской башни

What is: appears at the start of a new collaboration between a client and an agency and confuses their languages. The client and the agency stop understanding each other. Both are waiting for involvement and do not see each other at close range.

Why is it dangerous: delays, deterioration and breakdown of relations, dissatisfaction with the results.

How to win: setting clear goals and discussing them, agreeing on the stages of implementation and responsibilities of the parties at each stage.

Editor’s Note. And here is a vivid example for you “How to build a content department and not kill anyone.”

Demon # 8. Grandpa’s ghost

Призрак дедушки

What is it: a very old Internet business, which has a website for a long time, and the work was established back in the days of Tsar Pea. The site is made in the best traditions of the early 2000s, a lot of money was given for it at one time. The managers have mastered the processes of receiving calls and entering data from the client into the table. The business owner does not want to change anything, because “it already works”, and his subordinates are afraid to come up with an initiative to update the site.

Why is it dangerous: The Internet is a very lively environment, where new technologies are constantly appearing. They affect the site’s performance. In addition, they allow you to learn more about the audience and retain it for free or almost free of charge. And this, in turn, makes it possible to analyze the success of campaigns in certain channels, see which tools work best, and target the audience more precisely. Audience analytics tools can also track marketing performance, find campaign weaknesses, and uncover less obvious business problems.

Of course, you don’t need to do this, but do not forget that competitors also have access to new technologies. And, most likely, they are using them or will start doing so soon.

How to win: with the above arguments.

Editorial. An article by a graduate of the Academy Evgeniya Tsybulnyak “Analysis of a niche and competitors on the Internet: a simple step-by-step instruction” will be useful to you.

Demon # 9. Inner Troll

Внутренний тролль

What it is: acts in concert with the ghost of grandfather. He pays for the work of the agency, buys a lot of services, but does not want to follow the recommendations and implement changes in the existing work of the business. Adding analytics to the site is a problem, talking about sales growth is not in any way, it’s a commercial secret, making a new site with the correct structure that search engines will perceive is a waste of money, the old one is still working, implementing CRM to save and analyze leads is lazy.

What is dangerous: contradicts himself, if he does not see the result, he will blame the contractor for everything.

How to win: if you recognize yourself in it, think about why you are wasting money on a deliberately hopeless venture. If you don’t believe that change is needed, it may not be worth starting all this internet marketing in principle. Spend the money, but the effect will be small. If the question is in distrust and misunderstanding of the basics of promotion on the Internet, then only information will help. Chat with an agency or professionals, attend a conference, or sign up for an internet marketing course to help you understand the basics.

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