5 Social Media Apps That Will Help Your Business

Social media can add weight to your brand in the real market. A positive virtual atmosphere plays the role of fuel for your business. There is nothing better than word of mouth, but only when a positive recommendation system is turned on. Negative reviews are time bombs that can slowly sink your ship in a sea of ​​similar brands and products.

In order to continually monitor what users are saying and thinking about your business or your competitors’ business, you should use professional social media tools.

In this article, you will learn:

  • how to find out exactly who is using your product using professional tools;

  • what is the difference between your audience and the audience of your competitors;

  • how to evaluate the quality of social media profiles;

  • what data can be obtained in social networks, and how to work with them;

  • how to develop your product or brand with additional tools;

  • how to analyze people’s opinions and use this data to develop a brand / product.

Before moving on to the list of monitoring and analysis tools, let’s talk a little about social media awareness.

What is social media mention?

This is an action where users use a keyword, brand name, or hashtag associated with you on any online platform. Mention can be made when praised, recommended, or scolded.

The public mood determines the value of your brand in the market. Those who talk about you are people interested in your business. On social networks, people share their experiences and expectations regarding certain products / services. The information is often truthful and based on real experience.

By analyzing such data, you can better understand your customers. You understand their likes, interests and concerns and identify your potential customers. And if you know approximately the number of interested people, then you can imagine how well known and popular your brand is.

The monitoring process is quite laborious, but the results are worth your time. You add value to your brand, build customer trust and establish a personal relationship with them. Thus, you expand your awareness and get regular customers.

Monitoring and analysis tools for social networks

  1. Export Ninja

Export Ninja is simply an indispensable tool for professional work with Instagram. It can export comments, likes or followers from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and save them to .csv, Excel or Google Sheets.

How and to whom can this tool be useful?

Anyone who is in any way connected with social media or sales. If you are a blogger and do business on Instagram. Or an SMM-manager, marketer, designer or photographer, copywriter, information businessman, working in the fashion industry

Prices and rates

It is possible to test the bot for 100 free pieces. Your task is to go to a messenger convenient for you and give it a command to download the data you need.

Further rates start at $ 4.99 for 2,000 pieces. The price increases depending on the number of pieces you need to unload.

As for professional unloading, the tariffs are slightly different, and you will have to discuss them with the developers. They respond almost instantly.

What you get with a paid plan:

  • uploading data by hashtag;

  • uploading data by location;

  • uploading phone numbers;

  • ranking – private or business profile;

  • number of posts in the profile;

  • number of profile subscriptions / subscribers;

  • number of IGTV profile;

  • number of tagged profile photos.

All the data obtained can be perfectly used for targeted advertising on Facebook, since Facebook allows you to upload your personal list of users with names, phone numbers and email. For PRO unloads, you should contact the admin command.

BMBE is a service for parsing and improving the profile on Instagram. Helps in the presentation and design of content. Make your Instagram fun to read and pleasing to the eye. This service will help even a beginner to feel like an SMM specialist.

How and to whom can this tool be useful?

Anyone who is interested in developing a business through Instagram, novice bloggers, and those who develop a personal brand. With the help of the service, you can set up a sales funnel through Instagram, forget about the problems caused by several services connected to your account, exclude the moment of mistrust of unauthorized persons, help your account work on schedule.

Prices and rates

Provide the ability to disassemble your account for free in 15 minutes.

The basic package starts at 1,490 rubles per month and can grow up to 4,990 rubles, depending on your goal.

It is also possible to purchase a VIP plan if the number of your subscribers starts at 30,000 people.

The features you get with paid plans:

Base rate:

  • auto-posting,

  • analytics,

  • working with a directive,

  • working with comments

  • competitive functionality

  • profile design,

  • multilink.

VIP rate:

  • warm-up mailing chain,

  • collecting the base of active subscribers,

  • base activation by interactive mechanics,

  • connect the chatbot in the direct,

  • transferring warm customers to CRM,

  • daily performance reports.

Yana Bot helps to make Instagram accounts popular and recognizable with the help of comments. You help each other with commenting on your posts, thereby increasing the views of publications, and the bot itself controls these comments. Anyone who does not fulfill the conditions will be banned.

How and to whom can this tool be useful?

If your goal is to develop your Instagram, make it more popular and recognizable, or you are an SMM specialist, then this bot is definitely for you.

Yana has a special offer for SMM specialists, but more on that later.

Prices and rates

A regular subscription costs 200 rubles. You will need to be active and comment on other people’s posts on the links sent. The bot itself has rules that you must adhere to in the comments.

And there is also a VIP subscription. It costs 1,500 rubles.

There is also a promotion function on Instagram. The cost is 2,000 rubles per month.

What you get with a paid plan:

Depending on the type of subscription, you will receive daily:

  • comments for the posts you selected;

  • comments for the three posts you selected, without showing any activity in return;

  • advertising an account of 15,000 other users.

This will increase your profile’s reach.

Raccoon Spy is a very interesting bot. The essence of his work is that he sends you to the messenger all the activities of your chosen account on Instagram.

How and to whom can this tool be useful?

For example, you don’t have time to go to Instagram, or you are interested in monitoring your competitors, or you are blocked by someone, but you still want to see posts. “Raccoon” will help you with all this.

As soon as a new post or story appears in your chosen account, you will receive information about it in Telegram. There is no limit on the number of subscriptions.

Prices and rates

For 20 accounts – $ 5 per month.

What you get with a paid plan:

  • up to 20 subscriptions for $ 5 per month;

  • you receive publications immediately in the messenger, without wasting time searching for the desired account on Instagram;

  • access the posts of the accounts that blocked you.

If 20 accounts are not enough for you, just write to support. They will calculate the price and help you with all your questions.

Hyperauditor is one of the best account assessment tools out there. It will help determine the quality of the bloggers’ audience, find fake subscribers, and identify fake likes and comments.

How and to whom can this tool be useful?

Perfect for those who are looking for a blogger to advertise their product, or for analytics in an SMM agency, and so on.

Prices and rates

Hyperauditor offers the first full report for free. To do this, you need to register.


After registering, you will be prompted to buy a paid plan. Prices range from $ 30 to $ 349. If you want something more unique, there is an opportunity to contact the developers and discuss details and prices. The interface, like the rest of the tool, is in English.


What you get with a paid plan:

  • audience quality score,

  • audience quality analytics,

  • demography and language understanding,

  • analytics,

  • estimated price of an ad post,

  • audience age and gender,

  • contact information,

  • PDF export,

  • check comments,

  • advertisers toolbar.

6. InstaHero


InstaHero is an Instagram audience analytics service with the ability to remove bots and non-target audiences. In addition, it has a fairly wide functionality that will help in maintaining a profile.

How and to whom can the service be useful?

Anyone who maintains social networks and monitors the quality of the audience in the profile and is interested in its development. It can be both bloggers and smm managers.

Prices and rates.

The service has the ability to analyze 30% of the audience for free, and then gives a 15% discount for the full analysis. After a free analysis, it will be clear to the user whether bots are subscribed to him. With the help of free analysis, you can also check any blogger for cheating before buying ads from him. The price of a full analysis depends on the number of subscribers on your account.

  • Removing bots for a month will cost only -199 rubles.
  • Monitoring statistics in the profile for a month -99r.
  • Protection against spam, such as spam direct messages, spam tags on photos and spam comments – 149 rubles.

For smm managers, there is a favorable tariff that will allow you to save money when adding multiple accounts to the service. And also when ordering all the services of the service, the user receives a 20% discount.

Service features:

  • analysis of the entire audience and dividing them into categories such as: mass followers, by gender, commercial, foreign, inactive;
  • deleting any category of accounts in one click, as well as advanced settings for deleting by parameters;
  • monitoring audience statistics online with sending a report by email;
  • spam protection;
  • search bloggers for advertising;
  • promotion: profile design service and profile analysis by specialists;
  • useful intagram courses.

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