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3 - Как увеличить отдачу от рекламы в Facebook в несколько раз?

How to multiply the return on Facebook ads?

This article will focus on Facebook advertising for small and medium businesses, but the techniques can be used for large brands as well. You will learn: ✓ why Facebook ads don’t always work; ✓ how to start creating Facebook targeting; ✓ How to choose an advertising target. Why Facebook targeted ads don’t always take off …

Биржи рекламы

Instagram automation: why, how, to whom

Instagram automation allows, at least, to save time on account promotion, and as a maximum – to establish a relationship with the audience and increase conversion. However, do not forget that this site has quite strict rules regarding account security and live participation. Ignoring these rules will lead to blocking, blowing all the costs and …


Top 50 Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

We asked our partners to translate the article – the translation and localization agency Workogram. Contents Advertising market trends Social media market trends SEO optimization market trends Automation and Artificial Intelligence Other important marketing trends to be aware of Digital Marketing Landscape Digital Marketing Basics 5 digital marketing challenges in 2021 The Future of Digital …