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Optimization of promotion processes for Halloween event at KidsWill

Vyacheslav Aksyuta, a graduate of the WebPromoExperts Academy, spoke about how he became an Internet marketer in the KidsWill Children’s City of Professions project and shared his experience in promoting events. What is KidsWill? KidsWill city of professions is designed for children who are interested in different professions. KidsWill has educational and educational functions: children …


Top 500+ Internet Marketing Blogs

The moment has come when it is very necessary to make a new collection of all good sources of knowledge on Internet marketing. This time, the list includes not only blogs, but also Telegram channels, forums, publics and other sites. I have been collecting this list for more than one year. Each link had to …


What should brands write about on social media?

This article will tell SMM professionals working with brands what to write about in publications on Facebook and Instagram. About product / service Tell us about the product you sell or the service you represent. Describe. Answer the questions: what is the composition of the product? What is its usefulness? What is its difference? What …


SMM advertising: secrets of success

Modern business structures and private entrepreneurs actively use social networks to promote their products and services. This is only natural because social media is an ideal advertising platform. People spend a lot of time here, they reveal their interests, pass information to friends, read the news. This allows marketers to quickly identify target customers, easily …