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Three ways to promote your local business

Small businesses that operate within the same city or even district often doubt whether they need social networks. Like, Facebook is big, and we are small, catching our audience there is like fishing in the sea with a ladle. Theoretically possible, but in fact expensive, troublesome, and why? Meanwhile, social networks provide local businesses with …

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9 demons that will make online promotion hell

Our mission, as an educational project, is to fight the demons of internet marketing. And help promote your projects on the Internet. So far we are coping, but without your help, support, attention and feedback, it would be difficult. If your work is connected with the Internet, you have probably come across these demons – …


How to learn to write for social media?

I write for love. Journalism for me is a profession, passion, foundation, meaning. I don’t believe that good writing requires inspiration. Tested on myself: passion arises in the process of writing material. I am sure: social networks are a paradise for any sociable person. You never know who will read your mind and offer cooperation. …


4 ways to reduce the cost of Facebook ads

I do not want to waste time on “water” and long prefaces. Let’s go! How does Facebook charge ad fees? Facebook offers 2 payment methods – for impressions (CPM) and for clicks (CPC). The most popular method is pay-per-click, as in this case the advertiser only pays when the user clicks on the link in …


SMM case: a big New Year’s drawing of prizes in the social networks of the Internet provider Network Lanet

Type of service: social media promotion. Project: Lanet Network. About the project: Lanet Network is a well-known Ukrainian Internet provider. The company offers its users comprehensive services for connecting and setting up Internet and television online, as well as a wide range of related services. FB page: Duration Giveaway : from 11 to 27 …